The mysterious circumstances surrounding Jim Badley’s death haunts his sister, Bonnie, for 19 years. Determined to end her torment, Bonnie begins to search for the answers behind her brother’s last flight and his missing Vietnam War journal. Stonewalled by government officials, she turns to Jim’s old girlfriend, Lynda, for help in unraveling the secrets of the past.
  Through the trials of this investigation, Bonnie and Lynda reestablish their old closeness. Now, after two decades, Lynda finally admits to the terrible guilt she has carried over Jim’s death—she’s never forgiven herself for an act of omission which sealed his fate. Seeking to redeem herself, Lynda vows to transform this past wrong into a positive force by sharing his story with others. It is this endeavor which leads her to a college writing center where an English professor tells her: “Once you have the courage to face the past and integrate it into the present, you will find wholeness and a new ability to feel.”
  Lynda grew up in the afterglow of World War II—a period of immense optimism, exuberance, and unquestioning faith in the moral rectitude of our military’s role in the preservation of the Free World. Vietnam changed all that. America was no longer invincible, and her political leaders could no longer be trusted.
  The turbulent events of 1968—often described as the year which shaped a generation—created an upheaval in politics, culture, and mores that fractured Lynda’s deep sense of moral certainty and permanently damaged her belief system. This story is a touching example of how an act of reconciliation can bring the world back into focus and restore strength, identity, and hope after many years of despair.

As an Air Force dependent, Lynda Twyman Paffrath attended 15 schools before graduating from high school. She obtained a degree from the University of Oregon in 1966 and worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines until 1976. While raising her family, she wrote opinion-editorials which appeared in major newspapers. She and her husband, Peter, have been residents of San Mateo, California, for 26 years and have two grown sons.
Hardcover   Nonfiction   360 pages   6x9   ISBN: 0-9712965-5-3   U.S.A. $25.95   Canada $37.99